Big Ten Schools Are About to Get PAID

The Big Ten’s media rights negotiation is reportedly nearing a conclusion.

Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren told CBS Sports on Tuesday that a new contract should be set "around Memorial Day, or soon thereafter."

In total, the package could be worth up to $1.1 billion annually. It could set an entirely new precedent in the college sports industry about the value of top-flight media rights.

  • In February, it was reported that NBC was expected to "make a major push" to get a piece of the valuable Big Ten pie.
  • Fox Sports allegedly has an agreement with the league to keep its portion of media rights — though Warren did not confirm this to CBS Sports.

The current agreement, which expires in 2023, consists of a six-year, $2.64 billion deal that pays out about $440 million each year. The new deal would be more than double the current and would give each school roughly $71M - $78M in TV revenue alone.

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