Painter speaks about NIL

On the latest Goodman and Hummel podcast episode, Painter, Hunter Dickinson and others speak about how NIL will affect the game. Please take some time to listen, but highlights for me were.

1) Most people believe the Michigans and Purdue of the world will still find players, but the low majors are much more vulnerable

2) We didn’t hear a number for Pack from Purdue because there was no number. Painter says our collective is not developed enough to put a number on the table. Doubt they helped much in the recruitment

3) Painter shared a story of a guy on the current team who fell out of the rotation came to his office and said he wanted to complete his Purdue degree and work harder to contribute. Sounds like Newman

4) Zach Edey is not eligible for NIL because he’s Canadian.

5) Everyone agrees we need some kind of guard rails, but not a lot of ideas were out forth.

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