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What Can Trevion Williams and Jaden Ivey Prove at the NBA Combine?

Should Ivey do anything but interview?

Syndication: The Columbus Dispatch Adam Cairns/Columbus Dispatch / USA TODAY NETWORK

With the NBA Draft Combine in the books I talk to Casey about what Jaden Ivey and Trevion Williams had to prove and who they had to prove it to.

For Jaden Ivey this thing has basically no upside right? I mean he’s projected as a top 7 pick nearly everywhere you look so he can only hurt himself here. I ask Casey what he would do in this situation. My suggestion? Do nothing! Nothing! Just go lounge around and talk to some NBA GMs/Coaches and get your face out there. Do interviews with ESPN as he has done. Other than that he should just rest up for the NBA Draft.

I also ask Casey where he thinks Ivey will wind up. For any Pacers fans listening Casey has some thoughts about that possibility as well.

The other Purdue guy at the Combine is Trevion Williams and he has a much better opportunity to improve his draft stock here. Casey watched the scrimmages and tells me about how Trevion Williams did and what he showed folks who may not be familiar with him.

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