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Purdue Baseball in Tweets: BTT Punched & Nebraska Fans Are #MadOnline

Who knew that Nebraska cared about anything other than Mediocre Football Seasons?

Purdue Baseball

What a day of WEATHER yesterday in the 765!

Waking up to thunderstorms, with a brief break, then more storms around 10 AM. The field was tarped, but does not always mean that it will still remain playable especially with the amount of rain we had.

Purdue scheduled their senior day on their last home game of the year, yesterday, something that is really kind of a non-negotiable. One, it is tradition, two, parent’s players make a trip to West Lafayette based on knowing the exact date. So, moving the game up a day, was not really an option.

Secondly, it was a huge alumni event, another date that really is a non negotiable.

Then, to add to the rain delay mixes, Maryland, the locked in Number 1 seed who probably did not care if they played or not, had a strict curfew of 5 PM, they had to get on the bus and head to Chicago to catch a plane home, this is their schedule. If you have flown in the past few months, you know that it is vital to not miss your plane or you may be there an extra day or two.

Anyway, long story short, Purdue and Maryland agree to cancel the game. For the baseball BTT, hosted in Omaha (Peyton Manning Voice), the top 8 seeds make it. Well, this cemented Purdue as the 7 seed, as it goes based off of winning %, as the Spring in the Midwest can well, SUCK. Earlier in the year we had to cancel games I believe in late March vs Ohio State because of it being 29 freaking degrees.

In the end, Purdue made the BTT, Nebraska did not and they are MAD ONLINE! I honestly did not know they even had fans that cared about baseball. I thought they were all fans of a 3 to 5 win football season and that was it.

Don’t worry though, Nebby, this is the YEAR!

Well, turns out, they do care about the 6th most popular sport in the B1G and it was a hilarious day on Twitter, so here are some tweets that made me laugh. Mostly Nebby fans responding to Purdue Baseball, as they care - I wish they would have responded “Not in the BTT say what?”, over and over.

Anyway, enjoy and have yourselves a Sunday.

Let us not forget about our Good Friends at Corn Nation and their 0 likes or RTS on a roast to T-Mill and I:

Finally Congratulations to Nebraska Baseball.

Here is your trophy: