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Jaden Ivey and Trevion Williams Earn NBA Draft Combine Invites

This is great news.

Syndication: The Columbus Dispatch Adam Cairns/Columbus Dispatch / USA TODAY NETWORK

Every year prior to the draft the NBA holds their Combine event where the best players are invited in to be poked and prodded by GMs in preparation for their big day. Much like the more ubiquitous NFL Combine being invited to the NBA Draft Combine signifies that you’re a prospect that people are talking about, that has a chance to be drafted, and that people want to see. So, it was great news when it was announced this week that both Jaden Ivey and Trevion Williams had been invited to attend this event. The full list of attendees is here:

The Combine begins next Monday May 16 and runs through May 22. The Combine takes place in Chicago. That’s quite a long event you may be thinking to yourself. While that’s true, there is a lot to do during this week.

Athletes will be weighed and measured, they will participate in numerous drills to evaluate all their skills, 5 on 5 games will take place, and likely many many interviews will be had. This is a great opportunity for someone to shore up a draft spot.

While Jaden Ivey seems to be locked into a top 5 draft pick if you look around at the various NBA Big Boards and Mock Drafts, Trevion Williams has some work to do. I’ve seen mock drafts will Trevion going in the mid to late second round but I’ve also seen some that don’t have him on there at all. It’s tough to say at this point where he will end up but an excellent showing at the Combine could solidify his spot and maybe even move him up the board. This is the chance he’s waited his whole life for and I’d anticipate he will grasp it.

Best of luck to both Jaden Ivey and Trevion Williams next week.