Mason Gillis is Practicing Dribble Penetration from the Perimeter

I will admit that this video itself doesn't really mean much. But it does show him working on guard skills (as well as some post skills). I have been working on a hunch that Gillis will play wing next year. It is based on several things.

First, there is a likely abundance of talent in the front court and a lack of depth in the back court. Gillis, TKR, Furst, and Edey are competing for 80 mpg. Three are capable of starting and it is very likely the fourth (TKR) is also. This all assumes that Berg is irrelevant. If Berg shows up ready, the traffic jam is even worse.

Meanwhile, there is an abundance of minutes available in the back court. If you assume Newman and Morton are starters, there is one more position to fill. Moving Gillis down is a very Painter thing to do (emphasize experience). An important accessory to "Gillis as wing" is Ethan Morton playing PG. Some think that can't happen. I think it can.

Secondly, the question is, can Gillis play wing? I think he can. He is undersized as a PF, but still usually has more fight in him than his opponent. But at times he surprised me last year with athletic bursts. A closeout on a 3 pt shooter, chasing down a streaking guard, etc. His footwork is adapted to the post where he has always played. But he is skilled, athletic, and a hard worker. I like his chances of developing the footwork and agility for wing work (think RayD). We all know he can shoot from distance. If he can develop a good handle and reliable passing, I think it will work.

Imagine: Zach, TKR, Gillis, Newman, Morton. That is a seriously tall lineup. Not the fastest lineup, but serious length. Put Furst in for Zach and we get a lot faster. Our perimeter D is still not the fastest. But is it really any slower than Dakota-PJ-Nojel? On average, I think it is quicker, and has much more length.

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