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What Can We Expect from Brandon Newman Next Year?

Due to a technical glitch we are skipping ahead to the next episode.

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I don’t think I’m talking out of school here when I say that Brandon Newman’s 2021-2022 season was a disappointment. I know for sure it was a disappointment to the fans who expected so much out of him after his very solid freshman year. Newman himself has given interviews talking about how hard it was to see his minutes decrease and to be a coach’s decision DNP so often this year. But, regardless of these struggles we all saw pictures of Brandon Newman heading over to Cardinal Court after games and putting in the work late at night.

This hard work was rewarded toward the end of the season when Newman was given an opportunity to get back in the game. He certainly played with some passion and intensity after that opportunity but it still wasn’t what we all hoped he would do. Regardless, the season is over and now we have to look ahead.

Newman now will have every opportunity to play more minutes and take on a much larger role. Sasha Stefanovic is now gone and that could be the factor that makes the most difference for the opportunities in front of Newman. While not the same player they filled a similar(ish) role on the team. Before you come at me in the comments it’s obviously not a 1 to 1 comparison.

So, can Newman turn it around and become the player that we hope he can be? Will he be a star next year? What does Casey think he needs to work on the most? We get into all of that on the H&R podcast.