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Hammer and Rails Podcast - The Painter Episode

We finally discuss Coach Painter.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-St. Peters vs Purdue Mitchell Leff-USA TODAY Sports

Casey and I have heard the comments, we’ve seen the tweets, we’ve seen the Facebook messages and comments. We know a portion of the Purdue fanbase is angry at Painter for not getting to the Final Four yet, for not getting recruit X, for not getting the best out of player Y, etc. Now, it’s time to discuss it on the podcast.

For me, one of the questions those who want Painter gone have to ask themselves who exactly they think will come in, replace Painter, and be better? I want a name.

I ask Casey what I think is the most important question. How many teams that Painter has built were legitimate Final Four contenders? We differ by one on this answer but either way I’d love to hear what your number is. We talk about building those teams and what Purdue needs to do to finally break through.

Do Casey and I believe in Painter or do we think someone else needs to come in? I play Devil’s Advocate for a bit to push back on Casey. Give it a listen and let us know what you think and let me know how many Matt Painter teams you think were Final Four contenders. Make sure to rate, review, and Hammer that subscribe button.