Here's what Wong with NIL and how to get Purdue to a F4

I have no problem with players getting better pay, but right now the issue is that there is no rules whatsoever. Pack is not getting paid because of his "name, image, or likeness," but he is getting paid to play for the Miami Hurricanes. And because it is outside people paying the players, it cannot be regulated because the school is supposedly no part of it. It makes boosters question why they should still donate to the athletic department, when they really should donate to "collectives." It may have to take the universities having to cut down non-revenue sports before the university presidents wake up and force the NCAA to provide better guidance. And at the end of the day, it may take the players to form a union such that we can have collective bargaining. It may take years before this is sorted out.

Meanwhile, how do we navigate this uncharted water? Many have wanted Purdue to get into the arms race of NIL, but even if we have a sugar daddy and outbid Miami for Pack, how would it affect the team's dynamics? Now Isaiah Wong (Miami's leading scorer in 2021, 2nd-leading scorer in 2022) wants more money or else he'll enter the transfer portal. So is that a "win" for Miami if they pay a ton for Pack but lose Wong?

Too bad HammsTime is banned, because this is exactly what I was predicting, and which he went nuts and yelled at me that it was totally fiction because "Zero players have ever refused to play because of NIL." Voila, and Wong happened, but HammsTime is already banned.

It reminds me back in 2018, when Freddy also went nuts yelling at me that Painter would NEVER break the S16 glass ceiling (and citing the definition of insanity). He even had a bet with BeaumontBoiler for season tickets that Purdue will be sh!tty in 2018-19 after VEd and Haas graduated. Of course, Purdue would go on and win the B1G plus making the E8, which is a slap in the face of Freddy, but he conveniently got banned. To the best of my knowledge he still hasn't paid off the bet.

So that makes me think that in order for Purdue to make the F4, we just need someone who is willing to self-sacrifice for the team (BoC?). He needs to get himself drunk, then went on a profanity-laden tirade and yelled at me that a F4 would NEVER happen. He needs to do it with enough passion and ferocity and rage to get banned (but don't worry, one can always set up an alternate account, and reincarnate, as we've seen with Freddy aka IndyRider16 aka FGholston). As soon as that is done, what he said would never happen will happen.

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