The Darkness of College Football

I know we are all talking about the conflagration that is NIL, other cheating scandals around college sports, and just the otherwise unfair and unequal nature of college sports is, but I think its important to not forget that its not just money and recruiting that happens in secret. Almost all know of Jerry Sandusky, but I recently read a very long article about another serial abuse that happened around Penn State's football team.

It's a long emotional read, but worth it at least in part.

After the link is a impactful essay that is tangentially related to harm to students.

"And yet the story of Todd Hodne is not simply a reminder of how much has changed since 1978. It's a reminder of how slowly change has come. It's a reminder that change didn't come until it had to. It's a reminder that, in the matter of athletic departments and sexual violence, change came because the worst that could possibly happen so often did. It's a reminder that incremental progress has occurred at the cost of indelible pain and that every law protecting students today exists because of the absence of such laws a few decades ago—an absence that gave rise to the notorious stories and impossible outrages that led to institutions and athletic departments finally being called into account."

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