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It’s EDSBS Charitibundi Bowl Time Again

Show how much IU Sucks with your wallet.

The best thing about the SB Nation community is not what we get to share here as a Purdue site, but that all of the SB Nation sites represent a network that can do a lot of good. Spencer Hall, the creator of the now closed Everyday Should Be Saturday, used his large community to start the EDSBS Charity Bowl a few years ago. It has partnered with New American Pathways in Atlanta, Georgia to aid in helping resettle those seeking asylum here in America. Here is their statement on this year’s Charity Bowl:

New American Pathways is on the front lines of the massive effort to resettle evacuees fleeing Afghanistan, and hundreds more escaping violence, persecution, and economic instability from Ukraine and other parts of the world. Your contribution will support programs that aid new Americans on their path from arrival through citizenship, provide relief to those affected by COVID-19, secure housing and basic needs, provide rental assistance, medical and mental health services, and other vital supports to newly arriving individuals and families.

Funds raised via the EDSBS Charity Bowl help refugees overcome barriers to securing sustainable and meaning employment at a living wage. Some of the ways your contributions helped New Americans this year:

Continuing education tuition assistance

New car purchases

Driving school tuition

Childcare expenses

Credential evaluation and professional licensing fees

Savings match

It is a great cause, and last year the college football community at large donated well over $800,000, which is a tremendous amount considering it started from a bunch of idiots that are way too online about college football.

Here at Hammer & Rails, we’re blessed to have one of the largest college communities among the SB Nation sites. We regularly do over 1 million page views, so it is my responsibility to use this incredible platform to encourage that we give back when we can. The premise behind the charity bowl is simple: spite. What makes college sports so much fun is the sheer amount of spite it involves. People are encouraged to take that spite and use it as a way to donate:

That donation should take the form of the score of a victory by your morally superior and physically better team over a depraved, uncharitable and weaker rival.

As we know, IU sucks. Well, those hill dwellers from Bloomington have shown som audacity in the last year. First, they had the audacity to actually win a basketball game against Purdue. Second, they finished ahead of us in last year’s Charity Bowl $5,936 to $4,310.

This simply will not do.

It is time to remind IU that they suck. Open up the wallets and obliterate them with donations while they spend their dollars wastefully on eBay hoping that the piece of Bob Knight’s famous chair they bought is authentic. All donations can be made here, and be sure to click the box that you’re representing Purdue. I have primed the pump this morning with a $125.90 donation to represent our commanding lead in the all-time men’s basketball series over Indiana. My work is chipping in another $50 since they will do a matching donation for employees up to $50. There are, of course, others you can do:

  • $75.42 for the all-time football series lead.
  • $69.67 for this year’s win in Mackey.
  • $44.07 for bringing the Bucket home.
  • Large dollars because IU sucks.

Let’s do this!