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Hammer and Rails Podcast - Sasha Stefanovic Career Review

What’s the best Easter candy?

NCAA Basketball: College Slam Dunk 3-Point Championships Andrew Wevers-USA TODAY Sports

The Hammer and Rails podcast is once again back in your ears this week. Since we recorded this on Easter Sunday we took the opportunity to discuss which Easter candy is the best. As we have seen throughout our tradition of discussing food on Thanksgiving and Halloween Casey has some terrible food opinions. Don’t come at me in the comments.

We also have the age old discussion, are Peeps good? Casey and I come down on different sides of the argument here. What are your thoughts?

We also touch on the news that Purdue basketball has announced that they will be getting new uniforms prior to next season. Casey and I discuss our hopes for what Nike can bring our Boilermakers.

Lastly, we do the second in our series of looking back at Purdue’s 2021-2022 season one player at a time. After covering Trevion Williams last episode we are taking on Sasha Stefanovic and his career.

These conversations can be a bit difficult to have because we love all of Purdue’s players but sometimes they fall short of the expectations we place on them. That might be on us for our expectations but still…we have to have these tougher conversations.

I think we wound up having a pretty fair conversation about Sasha’s impact on the team this year and how he will be remembered at Purdue. Take a listen and let us know your thoughts on Peeps, uniforms, and Sasha.