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Hammer and Rails Podcast - Trevion Williams Year in Review

We discuss the outgoing senior and I tell the college baseball story teased at the end of last episode.

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I’ve never been a fan of college baseball, nothing against anyone who is or anyone who plays. I just only have so much time for Purdue sports and for whatever reason college baseball never occupied much space in my mind. I did however go to one college baseball game during my time at Purdue. Today I tell that story and what happened to me while I was there.

Casey is a certified baseball hater and I am a big MLB fan. So we differ in our love of baseball but regardless of if you love baseball this is still a fun story. During the offseason we are going to try our best to plop these stories on the top of each episode given that it’s the offseason but as Casey says we are not gonna tell many Neon Cactus stories to protect the identities of those involved.

Following the now classic story of me attending a college baseball game Casey and I get into the meat of the episode and discuss Trevion Williams. Does he have a future in the NBA? Did Casey make a mistake when it came to our all time Purdue basketball draft and choosing Trevion? I allow him to look back at his choice and determine if that was an error.

Looking back at departing seniors it is always a bit of a bummer because only one team wins the title and this season it wasn’t Purdue so there are always things that could have gone a different way. This is no different. Give it a listen and see if we are being fair. Like, rate, review, Hammer that subscribe button.