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Hammer and Rails Podcast - Conference Awards and Big Ten Tournament Predictions

Casey and I go on the record prior to the tournament tipoff.

NCAA Basketball: Purdue at Wisconsin
Which team will see the confetti?
Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

Today is the day folks! No, not that day. Not March Madness but it is the start of the Big Ten Tournament and that’s pretty fun right? For those that have never had the opportunity to go to the BTT with an all-session pass I highly recommend it. I’ve had the chance to go a few times as a fan and once covering the event (Purdue lost in their first game) and it’s a great event.

First things first though, Casey and I take a look at the Big Ten awards that were announced yesterday. Purdue had quite a few players honored and we take a look at those winners and ask if we have any notes on the choices. Also, how do 9 players make the first team SEC? We investigate.

Following the break Casey and I go all in on the BTT and break down each game and make predictions. We go all the way through the tournament and choose our champion. Casey gives me absolutely no respect even though deep down he knows I’m right. He knows it but just won’t admit it. That’s okay, when I’m proven right we can get back together and I will graciously accept his apology.

So that’s it folks, we don’t discuss Purdue’s Friday game since we don’t know who they play yet but rest assured we will have another episode in your feed prior to that game. Enjoy this, enjoy the basketball, and rate, review, and Hammer that subscribe button for us. Boiler Up!!!