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NFL Combine: David Bell

The silky smooth WR, left Twitter Experts with doubts, but we all know what he is.

NFL: Scouting Combine Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports


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Did you know, DB3 is now UNDRAFTABLE because he ran a 4.62?

Just ask the no nothings on Twitter.

As Purdue Fans, we knew how the combine was going to go for David Bell. He was not going to wow anyone with his explosiveness, but we knew he would do great in anything that involved running to catch a football. Both held true.

David Bell, from Indianapolis, in front of a home crowd, yes crowd, fans are allowed in this year, did not blow any explosiveness measure out of the water.

4.62 40, 33 inch vertical, 9-10 Broad Jump. All pretty average. Now though, people that do not know his game, and believe they are experts are screaming to not draft him.

Hold on, let me get those tweets.

Those are just a couple out of hundreds of them.

Here is the thing that bugs me the most... turn on the film of 2021 AP All American, film doesn’t lie.

Now some guys named Tyquan Thornton (Baylor), Velus Jones (Tennessee), and Bo Melton (Rutgers), all who have never broke 1K yards or put the film out that DB3 has, may go higher than him because they ran “fast”.

While there are doubters, there are also people out there saying the same damn thing as me.

And there are players, even all time greats that have ran a similar 40 as David Bell.

Larry Fitzgerald 4.63

Jerry Rice 4.71

Cris Carter 4.63

Anquan Boldin - 4.71

Chad OchoCinco - 4.58

Antonio Brown - 4.56

There are just a few examples, there are plenty in the NFL currently that are in similar situations.

Just as a reminder and a PSA - here is film of David Bell just destroying College Football.