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Purdue Football: Pro Day Results

NCAA Football: Music City Bowl-Purdue at Tennessee Steve Roberts-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, Purdue Football held it’s pro day for the 9 football players that are trying to make it to the NFL this spring and summer.

On a chilly day in West Lafayette, drills were held both indoors and outdoors, surprisingly, the 40 yard dash was held outside.

The 9 players that participated in the pro day yesterday were: George Karlaftis, David Bell, Jaylan Alexander, Jackson Anthrop, Zander Horvath, Greg Long (Bench Press Only), Dedrick Mackey, DeMarcus Mitchell and Tyler Witt.

30 of the 32 NFL Teams were represented at the pro day, only the Bengals and the Rams were not in West Lafayette. But, overall it was a good day for our Purdue Football Players.


  • ZANDER HORVATH - We have all heard Coach Barclay talk Zander up over the years on how he is a freak, saying he looks like a Greek God with his shirt off - well, it turns out he also tests that way. He turned heads yesterday and may have worked his way into a 3rd day selection or priority free agent signing post draft. At 6-3, 230 pounds - Zander ran a 4.57, bench pressed 225 31 times (at the combine only one person did more), had a 36 inch vertical, and ran a 4.25 3 cone. He may find himself being turned into an H Back in the NFL or a lock for special teams.
  • GEORGE KARLAFTIS - Big George has been a consensus 1st round pick for a bout 2 years now. But, in recent weeks we have seen mock drafts slide him out of the top 10 and into the mid 20s. Either way, being a first round pick will be amazing. GK ran a 4.7 forty, which is just as fast as many wide receivers at the combine, including David Bell. At his size and speed, I still see him as a lock in the teens or early 20s to be selected. Most mocks have said he fails to finish off a pass rush and sack the QB - counter point - that is hard to do when you are being triple teamed.
  • DEMARCUS MITCHELL - He did not run a 40, but his other numbers were outstanding. At 6-4, 260, he looks great running these combine drills. I think someone will take a peak at him in the UDFA pool.

Needs Improvement:

  • DAVID BELL - At the combine, he worried people with his 40 time. Well, that did not go away yesterday, as he was at 4.68 to 4.75 again. He wanted to run in the 4.5s - but, this is two tests in a row where we have not seen anything close to a 4.5. While we all obviously know he is a gamer, hell he is an All-American - the 40 time will make him drop in the draft. I am thinking late 2nd, early 3rd now.
  • DEDRICK MACKEY - Mackey was solid in spurts for us over his career. But, yesterday he ran a 4.78 at corner. NFL Teams know WRs are getting faster, a slow corner with not a ton of size will not be on their radar.

Overall, we can all expect both Bell and GK to be drafted. But, I expect Zander to maybe sneak in or be an UDFA. Mitchell as well. Rookie camps we will see many of them get signed, but who will stick and make it to the training camp is the real question.