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Hammer and Rails Podcast - What Now Edition?

Casey and I discuss yet another heartbreaking loss.

NCAA Basketball: Purdue at Wisconsin Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

Ya know, these podcasts are always more fun when we are talking about a victory but this one is recapping a loss soooo. With that in mind Casey and I try to have a good conversation about how to react to these losses. Casey is taking on the role of optimist while I seem to have a bit of a divided mind. I’m trying to view this team through a rationale frame rather than as a rabid fan but sometimes I struggle. We get into that.

Do we have any idea what is going on with Trevion Williams? It’s been quite awhile since he’s been his best self and I just don’t know what is happening with him. Casey posits that maybe there’s a slight knee injury but this is all speculation to be clear. If this Purdue team is going to make noise in March they need a healthy Trevion Williams.

Purdue has now last four games in the final possession of the game (thanks to the Big Ten Network for compiling those in a tweet which I won’t scar you with here). What if even two of those had gone the other way? What if Wisconsin didn’t bank in two shots? What if IU, Michigan State, or Rutgers missed their last second shots that put them over Purdue? Pretend for a moment that Purdue is 26-4 and 15-4 on the season. Purdue would just need to beat IU to win the Big Ten and we are still talking about Purdue as a possible 1 or 2 seed. Instead, because of TWO SHOTS, we are all down on this team and looking at a 3 or 4 seed. Do we think that’s fair? Is it right?

After the break we discuss the upcoming IU game as well as the possibilities for NCAA seeding. Purdue now has a lot of work to do to put themselves in the best possible position. There’s hopefully a lot of basketball left on the season but for now there’s just one regular season game to go. Take a listen, rate, review, Hammer that subscribe button and let us know your thoughts.