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Hammer and Rails Podcast - Peacock Blocked

The title says it all.

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Casey and I traveled to Philly to watch this game in person. It did not go well. Purdue of course lost to the darling of the tournament and failed to reach the Elite 8 yet again. It was basically bad all around for Purdue. Did anyone really play well?

So Casey and I ask some difficult questions about this team. Today’s episode focuses on the team. Coach Painter will be discussed in our next episode. Really, there’s just disappointment all around.

For me the best part of the whole trip was seeing all the Purdue fans pre-game excitement. Seeing the Boiler Brass and cheerleaders hyping up the crowd was awesome. Coach Brohm mingling with Purdue fans reminded me that Purdue football can make me happy again.

Casey and I commiserate and work through a lot of things. Hopefully this will be sort of cathartic to listen to. I know it might be a tough one given the circumstances but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t some fun involved as well. We talk giant pizza, drinks, and of course Jerry Springer.

All of that makes perfect sense right? No questions needed. Just listen I promise it will be fun. *Promise not guaranteed in all states and territories.