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Hammer and Rails Podcast - Texas Recap & Taking Down Cinderella

Casey and I make our picks for the game against St. Peter’s.

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Casey and I are back in your ears perhaps a day later than expected but hey the guy had to travel alright? Regardless, we are in the Sweet 16! What a great game against Texas.

Casey and I talk about the great play of nearly everyone on Purdue against the Longhorns. Trevion Williams had one of his best games of the season, Casey goes further than that. Jaden Ivey struggled from the field in the first half but stepped up in the second half including the three pointer that truly ended the game. But perhaps one of the more unsung heroes (in some circles, not here of course) was Ethan Morton and his defense. When Morton came in and switched onto Marcus Carr, and made him go left, it truly changed what Texas was doing.

Casey and I discuss if the Jaden Ivey three pointer was a good shot or not. I’m of the mind that that wasn’t the shot that I would have wanted but who am I to argue with results? Casey takes the opposing view and honestly makes some good points.

Then we take a break and look ahead to the Sweet 16 game against the Cinderella of the tournament, the St. Peter’s Peacocks. Casey wrote an article right before the tournament stating that Purdue needed to be the villain to go far in this tournament and what better way to do this than to defeat the tournament darling? Well, Purdue gets their shot this week.

Casey and I have all that you need to know about St. Peter’s before Friday.

Finally, as we’ve done throughout the Big Ten Tournament and the NCAA Tournament Casey and I put ourselves on the line and make predictions about the outcome of the game. Today though we add a wrinkle by taking a look at the current spread on Draft Kings and see that (as of recording) Purdue was a 12.5 point favorite. That’s the biggest spread of all the Sweet 16 matchups. As a Purdue fan does that make you more nervous or less about this matchup?

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