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Hammer and Rails Podcast - Yale & Texas

Take 2 of this episode is live.

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Casey and I recover quite nicely after recording this originally on Friday and then encountering some technical difficulties that caused us to re-record on Saturday night. But hey, that’s okay we are nothing if not resilient. Plus, with the delay in recording we now where and when Purdue will play today so that’s a bit of extra content that we didn’t have in the original episode.

We get into the victory over Yale. Purdue was dominant from start to finish and showed a low or promise on both ends of the floor. Who stood out, and what was it like watching it in the arena. Casey has the answers to those questions and more.

What Casey doesn’t know about is the history of the name Milwaukee and the history of rock and roll icons biting the heads off of animals. Trust me it’ll make sense once you listen

Following the break we take a look at the fast developing Chaos Bracket that is the East region and what lies ahead for Purdue should they get past Texas. We also of course break down everything you need to know about Texas and head coach Chris Beard. Should Purdue fans really fear him as much as we do? How confident are Casey and I going into this game?

Finally, we go on the record with out picks and ask if Purdue will be playing in Philly next week for the Sweet 16. Take a listen, rate, review, and as always, Hammer that subscribe button.