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Purdue vs. Texas Game Time Announced

The matchup determines who heads to the Sweet 16

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I woke up this morning not knowing when Purdue’s next game would be. So I ventured over to the official NCAA March Madness schedule website and sure enough they had announced it while I was sleeping.

Purdue will take on Texas tomorrow at 8:40 PM on TNT. For those with kids, myself included, this is a great game time since the little guy will be asleep. For those young followers it’s fine because 8:40 is when the night begins. For a lot of folks out there though this is going to be a late late tip-off.

Brian Neubert from GBI was the first one I saw to report it on Twitter so here’s a lovely embedded tweet to help me reach the word limit for SEO purposes.

The winner of this game gets a trip to the Sweet 16 in Philly. This would be a big step for Purdue as they would have to vanquish the Coach Beard curse. So tomorrow night pour yourself a nice beverage and enjoy Purdue’s second round matchup against the Longhorns from Texas.