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Purdue Baseball Improves to 15-0

It was a beautiful day at Alexander Field.

I love a great mid week baseball game at Alexander Field.

Early pitch, cheap beer, cheap hot dogs and good company.

But, this year is different from year’s past. After a cancelled 2020 season and a fanless 2021 campaign, the Boilers are a completely different team than the last time I saw them in 2019, which now seems like more than 3 3 full years ago.

This, now 15-0 squad, is fast, athletic, and can hit the heck out of the ball.

At the top of the order, you have outfielders Mike Bolton Jr and Curtis Washington. Both of these junior outfielders are lightning in a bottle.

Then in the 3 through 5 holes, there are men just waiting to hit a ball out of Alexander Field.

CJ Valdez (DH), Cam Thompson (1B) & Troy Viola (3B) all attack pitches with the though process “I am hitting this ball out of the park”

Viola got a hold of one last night, All three are batting around ,300 this year.

But, even the bottom of the order is fun to watch at the plate from 6 to 9.

Paul Toetz (2B) is savvy at the plate and in the middle of the field. Sam Franco (RF) who was 1st Team All-MAAC last year before transferring to Purdue, made a great play against the wall that wowed the crowd last night. Pablo Lanzarote (C) works the pitch count well and is an ace behind the plate. Lastly, Evan Albrecht (SS) is solid in the middle of the field, he made some great plays last night throwing out runners at first.

The pitcher last night, Troy Wansing, struggled early in the first, but found his groove. The freshman improved out of Kansas City is a big lefty at 6-4 and will be a weekend pitcher before we know it.

He throws hard and has some great off speed pitches.

Overall, it was a great evening, great weather and my daughter’s first Purdue Athletics Event. This team may be our best team.. ever. Certainly since the 2012 Season.

The pitching staff, explosive athletes and explosive bats will fun to watch. Dayton is 57th in RPI, this was one of our better wins and it was a blowout.

The last undefeated team in America is a good one, but they will be tested this weekend, Playing at Illinois State (Thursday and Friday) then hosting Illinois State (Saturday and Sunday). Illinois State is currently 6-6.