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Hammer and Rails Podcast - Selection Sunday

Casey and I take a realistic look at the NCAA Tournament draw.

Syndication: The Indianapolis Star
That’s pretty much how I feel too.
Jenna Watson/IndyStar / USA TODAY NETWORK

Casey and I are disappointed today as we look back at Purdue’s loss to Iowa and look ahead to the NCAA Tournament draw. Casey is sad and both of us have a lot of anger to work through. So this is another therapy edition of the podcast.

With Purdue losing yet again in the Big Ten Tournament championship did we learn anything at all? Did this Purdue team get better during the Big Ten Tournament or was this more of the same?

What happened to Purdue’s shooting? Wasn’t that supposed to be a strength?

We both agree that Purdue’s defense has looked better throughout the BTT but has it improved enough to make up for a Purdue offense that suddenly isn’t hitting the open looks and in IT’s case isn’t even taking the open shots?

After the break we take a look at the East region of the bracket and are very concerned. Purdue’s nemesis Chris Beard is the coach of a potential second round matchup and OH BOY do I not want to see that. Take a listen, rate, review, and hammer that subscribe button.