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Hammer and Rails Podcast - BTT Championship Preview

Can Purdue win their second BTT?

NCAA Basketball: Big Ten Conference Tournament- Purdue vs Michigan State Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

With everyone out there losing an hour it means we are one hour closer to both the Big Ten Tournament Championship and to Selection Sunday. It also means you’ve got one hour less to go out and listen to the latest episode of the Hammer and Rails podcast.

Today we take a look at the semi-final victory over Michigan State and look ahead to the Championship matchup against Iowa. Purdue saw a great improvement in their defense against Michigan State, are Casey and I encouraged by that? Are we back in Final Four mood?

Iowa was my pick to win the Big Ten Tournament and Purdue was Casey’s pick. No matter the outcome today one of us will be right. I of course am rooting against my own prediction here because I honestly don’t care if Casey continues to mock me about picking Iowa (it only hurts a little bit now).

Should Purdue win it will be their second Big Ten Tournament title and first since 2009. It will also set Purdue up for a very nice night on Selection Sunday. Will it be enough to put them on the 2 line? Only time will tell.

Join us on the podcast and make sure to tune in at 3:30 on CBS to see if Purdue can beat Iowa for a third time.