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Hammer and Rails Podcast - BTT Semi-Final Edition

Victory over Penn State and a look ahead to Michigan State.

Syndication: The Indianapolis Star Grace Hollars/IndyStar / USA TODAY NETWORK

Casey and I hopped back onto the mics this morning to give you a recap of yesterday’s thriller and the return of Brandon Newman before you turn your TV back on for another day of great basketball.

We look at the Friday results of the BTT and remind ourselves of what Casey and I picked. We’ve each got two teams left (Iowa and Purdue) which both happen to be our champions. Has Casey accepted that my pick of Iowa was a good one yet? No? Okay, we’ll wait.

With win or go home time in full effect it was a strange time for Brandon Newman to reemerge but yet here we are. We discuss how and why we got to this point with Newman. We discuss the criticism of Matt Painter regarding Newman’s benching.

Finally, we look ahead to the game against Michigan State and remind ourselves how bad Purdue played against Michigan State the only time these two teams played during the season. Remember, that was the game that Thompson played 15 minutes but didn’t record any stats. Purdue went 1-9 from three. They turned the ball over 17 times. It was a mess. If Purdue can fix any ONE of these things do they win and get to the BTT Title game? We discuss.