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Hammer and Rails Podcast - Purdue vs. Penn State - BTT Edition

Painter and Coach Shrewsberry will face each other yet again.

NCAA Basketball: Penn State at Illinois
So we meet again!
Ron Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Casey and I are back with just hours to go before the game tonight against Penn State. These are going to be quick episodes during the tournament time. We just don’t know who Purdue will play until so late into the night that our old bones had to prepare for bed. We recorded this one to give you a primer over the Big Ten Tournament thus far and then take a look at Purdue’s opponent.

Purdue will be facing a Penn State team that will be playing their third game in three days which you would think would help Purdue but that hasn’t always been the case. Remember a few years back when Michigan had all those travel problems and then faced Purdue in the BTT and everyone assumed Michigan would be tired and Purdue would benefit? That wasn’t the case. Let’s hope it’s not a similar situation today.

The last time these two clashed the final score was 74-67 and this was the beginning of the slide of Trevion Williams and the ascendency of Jaden Ivey. Penn State’s lack of more than one big man allowed Williams to really feast in that game. Could this be the proverbial get right game for Tre? Let’s hope!

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