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Hammer and Rails Podcast - Victory Over Michigan and Kenpom OnlyFans

Yes, the title is confusing.

NCAA Basketball: Michigan at Purdue Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

We are back at you one day early this week with the Purdue basketball schedule being compressed a bit due to rescheduling around the Michigan game we wanted to make sure that all of our listeners had a chance to relive this game and also look ahead to the next game against Illinois that’s coming up Tuesday.

To start off the show today we take a look at one of the persistent complaints you see/hear about this Purdue team. They are great on offense and bad on defense. Casey talks about the Kenpom defensive rating plummeting like a rock. However, the comparison is often made to last year’s Iowa team and just like Michael Jordan, Casey takes that personally. I give him the chance to explain why this is a silly comparison.

Next we discuss the incredible fun that was the Michigan game and why the Big Ten officials simply can’t call two halves of basketball the same. It’s absolutely maddening. We look at the wonder that is Jaden Ivey and his multitude of moves and dunks. Casey’s skepticism of the team from just a few weeks ago seems to be receding and he might be all aboard the Final Four train once again.

Finally, we talk about the status of a possible Big Ten title and what we can look forward to as Purdue faces Illinois once again. Who scares you more, Cockburn or their bevy of guards? All that and more today on the Hammer and Rails Podcast.