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Hammer and Rails Podcast - When’s The Last Time You BIRGed?

Does this headline make sense to anyone but me?

NCAA Basketball: Rutgers at Purdue Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

Casey and I return today to take a look ahead to Purdue’s first game of the season with Michigan State. It’s odd to be facing Michigan State for the first time with just three games left in the season. Casey tells us all about this team and he makes me worried when he talks about their ability to shoot the three and specifically drop corner threes.

Before that though we discuss BIRGing and CORFing and common traits of those. Listen folks, I got a Master’s Degree in Recreational Sports Management so I’ve gotta use this stuff at some point.

We also give you the info you need on the recent schedule updates for Purdue basketball and for the Purdue football spring game. As you might know this is a huge AOC podcast.

Casey goes on a mini-rant about Ken Pom’s defensive rankings.

Then Casey takes a hard left turn into 2000’s teen comedies but I have to help him get where he’s going. It’s a fun listen I promise.

With just three games left in the Big Ten season each and every game takes on even more meaning. Purdue has had 5 days to prepare for Michigan State which makes Casey think the offense will look a bit different. He sounds confident about this game. What do you think?

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