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Purdue vs. IU Game Time Set

Purdue announced the tip time for the final home game of the season.

NCAA Basketball: Rutgers at Purdue Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

Have you ever Googled a recipe, say for a delicious grilled chicken for example, and you’ve got to go through someone’s life story before you get to the actual recipe? Isn’t that just incredibly annoying. For instance, the other day I struggled to figure out what to make my family for dinner, see I work from home so if we don’t have a plan for dinner it sort of falls on me to figure out what we have in the freezer that I can get out quickly. So I pulled up the internet, what a great tool the internet can be, I mean for good or evil it’s here to stay and we really need to figure out the best ways that we can use it to make our world a better place. Well anyway, this recipe sounded delicious so I clicked on the link and it took me to a story of a woman who grows all her own herbs and spices right there on her property, my herbs and spices would surely not be as flavorful, and how with this combination of herbs and spices you could have just the right combination of old school flavor and new world technology when cooking your chicken.

But anyway, they have to tell those stories because without them they wouldn’t meet the word count of the story and the search engine optimization (SEO) would think that it’s a scammer website or a junk website or something similar. Therefore, they have to include something in there until they reach the word limit. This is especially true with recipes since they are literally just a list of steps/ingredients. Luckily, they’ve discovered how to get around it. Yes, we all hate it but it’s the world we live in.

Oh yeah, the Purdue vs. IU game on March 5th is now set for 2:00 PM.