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Hammer and Rails Podcast - Rutgers The Sequel - The Malice at the Cheese Palace

Purdue defeats Rutgers and gets revenge.

NCAA Basketball: Rutgers at Purdue
Game, blouses.
Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

The Hammer and Rails podcast returns and oh what a return it was. What a wild day in college basketball it was. First, there was the chaos that occurred in Wisconsin following the Michigan vs. Wisconsin game (hereafter known as the Malice at the Cheese Palace h/t @itsantwright) and then there was the return game of Purdue vs. Rutgers.

Casey and I open up the day by discussing the remaining Big Ten schedule and who Purdue still has to face to finish out their conference slate. Next, we go in deep on the Malice at the Cheese Palace. I’ve not seen anything like this in Big Ten basketball in my lifetime. What a wild scenario it was. I just happened to be watching it live and really could not believe what I was seeing. Casey and I discuss what we think the blowback will be, what will happen to Howard, and maybe what will happen to the Michigan and the Wisconsin players. Could there be meaningful suspensions on the Wisconsin sideline that have an impact on the Big Ten race?

Finally, after the break we discuss Purdue’s victory over Rutgers and the improvement from game 1 to game 2. What a game by Jaden Ivey and the two headed monster of Zach Edey and Trevion Williams. Purdue looked incredibly efficient on offense to start the game and they look like they might be rounding back into form after that very tough stretch of 23 days without a break.

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