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Purdue Football: Purdue Hires Ashton Youboty to Coach Cornerbacks

Jeff Brohm calls on an up-and-coming coach to lead his cornerbacks

Ohio State v Penn State Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Jeff Brohm fortified his depleted defensive staff earlier this week by calling former Ohio State cornerback and current Youngstown State cornerback coach up to the big leagues of college football. Youboty’s coaching career has been on the fast track since he hung up his cleats after a 6 year NFL career. He started as an analyst on Wisconsin’s staff, moved over to an on-field cornerback coaching position at coach factory Youngstown State for 2 seasons, and will now ply his trade in West Lafayette.

Out of all Brohm’s coaching additions, this one is by far my favorite. Give me a young, hungry coach with NFL and college playing experience every day of the week and twice on Sunday. His ability to sit down with recruits and their parents and tell them about his football journey is worth the salary alone. I expect Purdue’s recruiting in the secondary to take a major step forward with Coach Youboty leading the way.

My only question with this hire is Purdue’s ability to retain his services long term. If he does what I think he’s going to do, other teams will come poking around sooner, rather than later. This, of course, is a good problem to have. If other teams want to hire your coaches, it means you’re doing something right. At the same time, it would be nice if Coach Brohm could assemble a coaching staff that doesn’t have wear name tags around the office.

My hope is that Mike Bobinski finds the money to keep his young assistant coaches from making lateral moves for bigger paychecks. It’s hard to find good coaches, and once you find them, it’s imperative to lock them down. Youboty is a guy Purdue is going to have to pay market rate or above to keep around long term. Let’s hope the Purdue coffers have recovered from the Diaco disaster and the funds are available to keep the coaching staff together.

I love this hire for the short term, and hope the powers that be can lock him up for the long term.