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Boilers in the Pros: We Will Have a Super Bowl Champion

Brycen Hopkins or Markus Bailey and Ricardo Allen will be a champion

NCAA Football: Eastern Michigan at Purdue Sandra Dukes-USA TODAY Sports

Purdue is set to have at least one super bowl champion crowned in 2 weeks.

Brycen Hopkins, of the Rams or Markus Bailey and Ricardo Allen of the Bengals will be super bowl champions.

They will add to the long list of Boilers that have won a Super Bowl.

As Coach Jeff Brohm continues to get more players in the NFL, after Hazell failed for years, we will start seeing this trend pick back up again.

While all three of these guys have primarily been reserves this season, they have all played vital roles as back ups on their teams.

Ricardo Allen, he has been a constant veteran presence on what is overall, a pretty young team. The team is lead by a couple of young safeties, but, he has provided insight, he is battle tested and has been through multiple playoff runs with the Falcons.

While only starting in 1 game, he has played in 14, having 18 tackles.

Markus Bailey, the late draft selection, has started in a handful of games. He plays a vital role on special teams and as depth linebacker. He has nearly 40 tackles, making an impact on the field.

Lastly, Brycen Hopkins, who the Rams took pretty early in draft, has sparingly played on offense. I still have high hopes for him, as he is a talented tight end that can and will produce in the NFL.

Overall, these are three great Boilermakers representing themselves and Boilermaker Football in the NFL. While two are younger, and will have many more chances at a title, Ricardo is a veteran now and his opportunities could be coming close to an end to win a ring.

In the end, best of luck to all three of these Boilermakers and congratulations on a great season.