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Terrell Washington Jr. Steps Away from Commitment to Purdue Football

The Texas Athlete is the first Boiler commit to step away following Brohm’s departure

Purdue Sports

Purdue Boilermaker commit Terrell Washington Jr. has announced he will open his recruitment following the departure of Jeff Brohm and his staff to Louisville. The 5’9.5 prospect was viewed as a running back and was a 3 star player and nationally ranked inside the top 1000 for his class on 247. Washington was previously offered by Washington St, Duke, Houston, Utah, and Vanderbilt, among others.

Purdue has had two former walk-ons in the backfield emerge in Dylan Downing and Devin Mockobee who are both young players and appear to be taking the snaps for the foreseeable future at Purdue. Mockobee also appeared to strengthen his commitment to Purdue following Brohm’s departure by tweeting out what appears to be his thoughts on if he will stay in West Lafayette. These make the loss of Washington sting less and with the popularity of the transfer portal being use, a more immediately impactful player can be found who is physically ready to run in the B1G.