Distraction from Brohm Drama

In light of our fearless football leader flying off to southern pastures, I thought I would provide something else to occupy our minds. I know that there was lots of hand wringing and clutching of pearls when Nijel Pack went fully Jerry Maguire and took off for The U. In looking at his first 9 games, I'm not sure we missed out on anything. He is playing 30 minutes game, averaging 11.8 pts, 2.4 rebounds, 2.7 assists and 1.6 TOs. He is third in minutes per game for the U.

If we take a look at David Jenkins, clearly he is not putting up that kind of product. But he is also not getting nearly the same minutes and is arguably playing against much better talent. Per Kenpom, Miami has a SoS of 184 as opposed to Purdue at 35.

Pack's statistics are also skewed by games against bottom feeders. His highest point production against a top 100 Kenpom team was 11 against Providence.

If you look at things through the lens of production per 40 minutes, there really isn't much of a difference.

Name Points/40 Rebs/40 Ast/40 TO/40
Nijel Pack 15.9 3.2 3.7 2.2
David Jenkins Jr. 11.2 4.5 2.8 3.6

So, what say everyone? Did we dodge a bullet by not getting into a bidding war with Miami? Painter arguably got the production he needed off the bench and didn't have to "play the game".

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