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Brohm Watch 2022 Begins

I can’t believe we’ve got to do this again!

Louisville v Kentucky
He gone.
Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

This is the story that I really didn’t think was going to happen again this offseason. I didn’t want to go through this again. But the universe doesn’t care what I think so here I am drafting this story after news broke this morning. What news you might be asking? What is this guy rambling on about? Are there any horse socks?

That’s right, Louisville football head coach Scott Satterfield is reportedly taking the open position at the University of Cincinnati. That means, of course, that there is an opening at Louisville. If only there was a candidate for them to look into hiring who has ties to the region and who just took his team to a college football conference championship game after winning his division for the first time. Oh wait...

Jeff Brohm of course is that candidate. As we’ve seen before. The pull to Louisville is strong as his family name means so much there. Purdue has been down this road before and against all odds Brohm chose to stay and spurned Louisville. Can Purdue do that again? It’s probably too early to say but we’ve all seen the smoke and heard the rumors. But until we have anything official that’s what they are, rumors.

In April of this year Jeff Brohm received a two year contract extension from Purdue. That brought his contract through 2027. The pool for assistant coaches pay was set to raise over the life of that contract peaking at $5.1 million up from approximately $4.35 million as of 2022. Should Jeff Brohm remain Purdue’s coach all through 2022 he will have earned a guaranteed $5.1 million plus any other additional incentives. Should he leave before that then number would obviously change. The buyout of Jeff Brohm’s contract has not ballooned ala Scott Frost or Jimbo Fisher and instead sits at just $1 million. Not much an impediment for any school looking to poach him, and certainly not an impediment to fire him should Purdue have ever gotten to that place. Good, and yet scary, for both sides which is actually how a buyout should work.

Will Brohm leave to take this job? Will the job even be offered to him? At this point we just don’t know. This news broke only a couple of hours ago and quite frankly we need more details before we figure out where this goes. One thing we do know is that this will be yet another turbulent offseason for Purdue football. Brohm watch 2022 starts now.