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Purdue Regular Season Top 10 Plays

Gonna try and give ESPN a run for its money.

Purdue v Minnesota Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

The regular season has come and gone for our beloved Boilermakers, but I thought it would be nice to take a look back at some of the best plays of the season. Just a little something to get you hyped for this special Saturday night in Indianapolis:

HM) Jalen Graham pick six against Northwestern

Say what you will about the interception, but Jalen Graham made an excellent read on the ball and just got to it first.

#10) TJ Sheffield spin move vs Nebraska

TJ Sheffield has struggled to get going consistently but he definitely did not struggle hitting the circle button on this spin.

#9) Trice PBU against Northwestern

Cory Trice showed excellent vision on this PBU and prevented a Northwestern touchdown in what ended up being an 8-point victory.

#8) AOC to Jones against Illinois

This ball was thrown right on the money. Any lower would have resulted in an interception, but maybe it’s just that AOC-Chuck Sizzle connection.

#7) Payne Durham tiptoe vs Illinois

Nobody will question Payne Durham’s athleticism as he’s showed it time and time again this season. He is able to maneuver his body and get a foot down in bounds for the score.

#6) Cory Trice pick six against Indiana

Cory Trice simply wanted the ball more as he ripped it away from the IU receiver and scored. This was the final nail in the coffin against IU to secure the bucket and the west.

#5) AOC dime to Charlie Jones vs Nebraska

This pass was just absurd from Aidan O’Connell. That’s about as tight of a window you’ll get and AOC made it look easy.

#4) Devin Mockobee long run vs Minnesota

This was the play that began the Mockobee era. Devin had some nice plays before this but his 68-yard weave through the Minnesota defense to seal the game was the play that changed it all. He has enjoyed a fantastic season this year, and it truly began here.

#3) Charlie Jones catch vs Wisconsin

Not many highlights from this game, but this catch by Charlie Jones was just lights out.

#2) Chris Jefferson pick six vs Penn State

In the moment, this play was monumental. It gave Purdue the late lead over a very good Penn State team and showed that Purdue was here to play this season. The play was all the more memorable when the cameras caught Chris puking on the sidelines so the play was dubbed the “puke six”.

#1) Devin Mockobee run vs IU

This is the ultimate “crazy legs” highlight. Coming off a concussion, Devin Mockobee came into the bucket game and balled out, including this insane juke fest. This would help Purdue clinch the west and the bucket but also put the final stamp on an incredible season for Mockobee.

Well, there you have it folks. I know I couldn’t show all the highlights but here’s to making more tonight in Lucas Oil! Boiler Up!