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Purdue Non-Conference Tracker: 12/19/22

Quality wins can make or break seeding, so let’s see where Purdue’s opponents land.

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: DEC 17 Indy Classic - Purdue vs Davidson Photo by Brian Spurlock/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

As the calendar winds down into 2023, with it winds down non-conference play for Purdue. The Boilermakers will face 2 more non-B1G opponents in the next 2 weeks before moving on to their conference slate. In the meantime, it’s a good idea to see how the non-conference opponents have faired since playing Purdue, as it can be vital to seeding come Selection Sunday. A key factor in seeding and rankings are your Quadrant wins, which divide D1 basketball teams and give an understanding of the teams you’ve faced. Any team wants to get as many Quad 1 and 2 wins as possible while avoiding Quad 3 and 4 losses. But the Quadrant wins are fluid, as they change throughout the year, so a Quad 3 win in November could turn into a Quad 2 or 1 by March. The guide for Quadrant wins is as follows:

Q1: Home vs 1-30, Neutral vs 1-50, Away vs 1-75

Q2: Home vs 31-75, Neutral vs 51-100, Away vs 76-135

Q3: Home vs 76-160, Neutral vs 101-200, Away vs 136-240

Q4: Home vs 161+, Neutral vs 201+, Away vs 241+


Kenpom then: 328

Since: W vs Cardinal Stritch, L at Iowa State, L vs St Thomas, W vs UC Davis, W vs Boston, W vs Southeast Missouri State, W at Green Bay, W vs IUPUI, L at Chattanooga, W vs North Park

Kenpom now: 261

Quad 4 Win

Austin Peay

Kenpom then: 248

Since: W vs Milligan, W at South Florida, Win vs Albany (N), L vs Bucknell (N), L vs Howard, L vs Western Kentucky, W vs Tennessee State, W vs Kentucky Christian, W vs Lindsey Wilson, L at Murray State

Kenpom now: 239

Quad 4 Win


Kenpom then: 72

Since: W vs LIU, L vs Mississippi State (N), W vs Georgia Tech (N), W vs Chicago State, W vs Baylor, L vs Wisconsin, W vs NC Central, W at Notre Dame, W vs Creighton

Kenpom now: 29

Quad 1 Win

West Virginia (PKL)

Kenpom then: 39

Since: W vs Portland State (N), W vs Florida (N), L at Xavier, W vs Navy, W vs UAB, W vs Buffalo

Kenpom now: 17

Quad 1 Win

6 Gonzaga (PKL)

Kenpom then: 3

Since: W vs Xavier (N), L vs Baylor (N), W vs Kent State, W vs Washington, W vs Northern Illinois, W vs Alabama (N)

Kenpom now: 10

Quad 1 Win

8 Duke (PKL)

Kenpom then: 15

Since: W vs Ohio State, W vs Boston College, W vs Iowa (N), W vs Maryland Eastern Shore

Kenpom now: 14

Quad 1 Win

@Florida State

Kenpom then: 164

Since: L at Virginia, W vs Louisville, W vs USC Upstate, L vs St John’s (N)

Kenpom now: 146

Quad 3 Win


Kenpom then: 127

Since: L vs UMass (N)

Kenpom now: 134

Quad 3 Win

Davidson (Indy Classic)

Kenpom then: 134

Kenpom now: 124

Quad 3 Win

New Orleans

Kenpom now: 344

Florida A&M

Kenpom now: 357

So far in non-conference play, Purdue has racked up 4 Quad 1, 3 Quad 3, and 2 Quad 4 wins. If Purdue takes care of business against New Orleans and Florida A&M, they will gain 2 more Quad 4 wins and go into 2023 without having lost a non-conference game. Some teams to keep an eye on are Marquette, Florida State, and Davidson. Marquette sits right at the edge of the Q1-Q2 boundary, so Purdue would prefer the Golden Eagles to keep winning. As for FSU and Davidson, aka 2 of Purdue’s Quad 3 wins, they both have potential to jump up some in the rankings and make the Purdue victory against them a Quad 2 win instead. FSU would have to be ranked better than 135 and Davidson better than 100 for that to happen.

Of course, Purdue’s conference schedule accounts for Quadrant wins as well, but in a major conference, each win and loss could sway rankings and change quadrant wins overnight. We will cross that bridge when we get there, but for now, Purdue needs to keep doing what it has done all season: win games.