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Mockobee Gets His Scholarship

In his first action as head coach, Ryan Walters gives standout walk-on running back a scholarship

Andrew Stein

In his first team meeting with his players, Head Coach Ryan Walters announced that before they got started with the meeting Devin Mockobee would be immediately placed on scholarship for the remainder of his career with the Boilermakers. After walking in, Walters announced that he would be ‘pulling rank’ and placing Mockobee on scholarship and said “I played against you guys and when I found out he was a walk-on I was like ‘what the hell going on over there?’ So first order of business I’m going to pull rank right now and you are on scholarship.”

Clearly a popular choice to be given a scholarship, many fans wondered why Mockobee went the entire season without being placed on scholarship. Mockobee ran for a Purdue freshman record 920 yards and 9 touchdowns. With 80 additional yards in the bowl game, Mockobee can move into the top 8 of single season rushing totals. Mockobee is a popular player amongst Purdue Football fans with his tough running style and ability to get into the open field for big gains. The Boonville, Indiana native left an opportunity with Navy to pursue an opportunity with the Boilers.

Here are some of the responses from Mockobee’s teammates after finding out Devin would be put on scholarship: