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Why are Purdue Fans So Scared of A #1 Ranking?

We discuss on the H&R podcast.

Roosters & Hens Ornamental breeds, Italian champion breeds
Are they just chicken?
Photo by Stefano Spaziani/picture alliance via Getty Images

Look, I know that success can sometimes be scary. Once you reach the top there’s nowhere to go but down. The climb is the best part because you’re testing yourself, you’re doing new things, you’re reaching heights you’ve never been to before. Then, suddenly, there’s nowhere else to go. You’ve reached your goal. The ceiling has been hit. What do you do now?

For Purdue basketball fans that’s always the fear. It doesn’t help that last year Purdue reached their first AP Top 25 ranking of all time and promptly lost a game on a last second shot against Rutgers. Today, Purdue has a shot at another #1 ranking, we will find out this afternoon, and Purdue fans are scared. You should see our twitter mentions anytime rankings are brought up.

Ryan and I talk about this phenomenon on the latest episode of the H&R podcast. Join us, share, rate, and review.