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Cory Trice will opt out of Citrus Bowl after signing with agent

The Purdue CB is considered an under the radar NFL prospect

Syndication: Journal-Courier Noe Padilla / USA TODAY NETWORK

Purdue senior cornerback Cory Trice will reportedly opt out of the Citrus Bowl for the Boilers after signing with an agent, sources have said. Trice isn’t shown as a top cornerback prospect in any online draft boards but at 6’3 and 215 pounds, Trice does contain very good length and above average athleticism. According to NFL Draft Buzz’s profile on Trice, they see Trice as the 66th (131st DB) rated cornerback and the #631st overall prospect.

Trice will need to have a really good Purdue Pro-Day as he is unlikely to receive a combine invitation. Trice will likely need to run better than 4.55, show good athleticism, and probably put up 10 or more reps in the 225 to shoot up high enough on a draft board to enter the conversation of the 6th to 7th round. Trice will have an opportunity at the East-West Shrine bowl game to work with NFL coaches and face other NFL-type players for a week. Trice was also able to garner B1G Honorable Mention in 2022.