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Who is the Podcast Duo’s Pick to Win the Big Ten?

We talk Iowa and the upcoming start of Big Ten basketball.

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The new podcast crew is back with our second episode and let me just say the editing is much crisper and there is no loud beep in the middle of the episode. We are what you would call professionals now! Thanks for sticking with us through this transition. We know you have multiple Purdue podcasts to choose from so thank you for choosing Hammer and Rails.

In today’s episode Ryan and I discuss the dumpster fire that was the Purdue vs. Iowa game and how it all went so wrong. What’s going on with AOC? Is Charlie Jones getting too much focus? Why can’t Brohm adapt to bad weather?

Then, after the break we discuss the highly anticipated start to basketball season. Purdue is picked generally around 5-7 in the conference from what I’ve seen but I’m still hoping for a top 4 finish. Ryan and I go on the record with our second leading scorers as well as who we think will win the Big Ten. We also predict the end of season outcome for the Boilermakers. Will they make the tournament and if so how far do they go? Give it a listen and let us know your pick to win the conference.