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Purdue vs. Iowa: In Tweets

If you think it was a miserable day in Ross-Ade you should’ve been on Twitter.

Northwestern v Iowa
Brian earned his money this week.
Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images

With the departure of our beloved Travis Miller that means I’ve taken over the Monday morning tradition of reviewing the most recent Purdue football game via some of our favorite tweets. I use the word favorite here very loosely since there was nothing about this game on Saturday that I’ll ever remember as my favorite anything. What an abomination that game was. I mean seriously, woof. Regardless, let’s try to reminisce and maybe find some humor. Shall we?

There was at least SOME good news from a personal standpoint for AOC.

We were so young, dumb, and naive when BHGP tweeted this:

Then the questioning of Jeff Brohm and his play calling began.

Really though, we should have known it was going to be a bad day when this happened as Purdue ran onto the field. Perhaps an omen of the game ahead of us.

I personally blame the jerseys and I’m not alone.

And for those in attendance, you got to witness history!

So there you have it, a sampling of some of our “favorite” tweets from this weekend. Not exactly a shining example of optimism but sometimes it’s better to just be brutally honest. Hopefully when I drop in on this feature next week against Illinois it will be much rosier. Either that or I’m gonna be doing this exact same thing. It’s the Big Ten West, anything can happen!