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Purdue 3 – Iowa 24: Yuck

Just like the Boilermaker Special in pregame, Purdue stalled.


Purdue had 2 weeks of prep and did this? The Boilermakers just looked inept on both sides of the ball, and you can’t just blame the windy weather and rain. Iowa’s offense came in as one of the worst in FBS and flat-out manhandled the Purdue defense while the Purdue offense played right into the hands of the elite Iowa defense. The playcalling was suspect and the offense could only go through Charlie Jones, which Iowa knew very well.

Aidan O’Connell: 20-43, 168 yards, 0TD 2 INT

Charlie Jones: 11 rec, 104 yards

Spencer Petras: 13-23, 192 yards, 2 TD 0 INT

Kaleb Johnson: 22 car, 200 yards, 1 TD


Spencer Petras 16-yard TD to Sam Laporta

Purdue and Iowa traded punts throughout the first quarter and went into the second tied at 0. Then, 37 seconds into it, Spencer Petras threw to a wide open LaPorta who lost the safety.

Aidan O’Connell interception #1

2 plays after the Iowa touchdown, AOC overthrew a crossing Tyrone Tracy leading to an Iowa interception.

Spencer Petras 29-yard TD to Nico Ragaini

3 plays after the AOC interception, Petras hit a quick slant to Ragaini who was able to turn upfield and waltz into the endzone.

Aidan O’Connell interception #2

Down 14-0, Purdue drove down to the Iowa 26, but AOC again overthrew a leaping Dylan Downing right to the Iowa defense.

Drew Stevens 26-yard field goal

This one felt more important at the time as Purdue didn’t allow 3 consecutive TD drives. Iowa drove all the way down to the Purdue 2 and had some miscues, forcing a field goal.

Mitchell Fineran 34-yard field goal

This drive was what did Purdue in. Down 17-0, Purdue responded by driving all the way down to the Iowa 2 with a Devin Mockobee 15-yard rush. Purdue then proceeded to pass the ball 3 consecutive times, the third ending in a long sack of Aidan O’Connell.

Kaleb Johnson 75-yard TD run

Just 2 plays into the second half, Kaleb Johnson broke to the outside and just didn’t stop running, putting Iowa up 24-3 on a 75- yard sprint.

The remaining drives in the game went as follows:

Purdue punt

Iowa punt

Purdue punt

Iowa punt

Purdue turnover on downs

Iowa punt

Purdue punt

Iowa punt

Purdue turnover on downs

Iowa doinked field goal

Purdue punt

Iowa punt

End of game