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Purdue vs. Iowa: Game Thread and How to Watch

To win the West Purdue needs to win their last four. It all starts now.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 23 Wisconsin at Purdue Photo by Joe Robbins/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

This is where it all starts for Purdue. With just four games left in the season they control their own destiny to winning the West Division and a trip to the Big Ten Championship game for the first time in program history. Next week against Illinois is the game that everyone is pointing to as the biggest challenge remaining on the schedule which may be true, but that game loses a lot of luster and a lot of meaning if Purdue can’t hold the line against Iowa.

If you’ve been paying attention to college football at all you know that Iowa is bad offensively. In fact they are very bad offensively. Defensively though they are top notch. It’s quite the extremes they’ve found themselves occupying. One of the worst offenses while also having one of the best defenses. Kirk Ferentz finds himself in a bit of an awkward Arrested Development situation of his own making as it’s clear to everyone that his son is in over his head as OC but, like, what are you gonna do, fire your son? Imagine that conversation. I guess the easy thing to do is not hire your son, but what do I know? My son is just 2 years old. I wouldn’t hire him for anything at this point. That boy really needs to shape up.

Will the Purdue defense be able to contain this Iowa offense? J/K. Will the Purdue defense not make mistakes and allow the Iowa offense to play to their level? Can the Purdue offense compete against a stellar Iowa offense? What impact will the weather have on the Purdue offense?