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Will the Podcast Improve Without Casey?

I edit my first episode and…mistakes were made.

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Basketball is back folks!
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Dearly beloved we are gathered here today to get through this podcast without Casey. Electric word Casey that means he left us and that’s forever. Pause for tears.

That’s right folks this is the first episode of the podcast post Casey after he left to the new Purdue Rivals site Boiler Upload (I misspoke on the pod). But have no fear. Ryan steps valiantly into the breach to try and stem the tide. He actually knows Casey so condolences to him.

This is the first podcast I’ve edited myself and let’s just say mistakes were made. Casey left me instructions on how to do it but for anyone who listens to the podcast they might recognize that Casey isn’t exactly a stickler for details. So while you’re gonna hear a loud tone right after I say we are going to break I maintain that it’s because Casey left improper instructions. Just skip ahead 30 seconds and you’ll be just fine.

Other than that we talk about Purdue’s victory over Truman State and what we can learn from a game against a DII opponent. Spoiler alert, not much.

We then go on to talk about the upcoming game against Iowa. The Iowa is offense bad. And that is an insult to the word bad. The Iowa defense is great. Put those two together and who even knows what we are gonna get. The weather might be an issue at this one too. Weather in West Lafayette is still calling for rain as of this writing. Purdue under Brohm hasn’t done well in the rain.

There ya have it folks. The first podcast in the post Casey era. I promise that the editing will improve. If not, the beatings will continue. Oh wait, I’m the one that edits and hands out the beatings. This is confusing. Ahh well. Until next time.