I have always respected Lunardi and his Bracketology. He seems to be the most consistent every year when getting the teams correct. I realize it's early, but I have to disagree with his latest projection. It has Purdue as the top #2 seed. The number one seeds are Houston (overall number 1), Texas, Arizona, and Virginia. This was published on Tuesday at 9 am. So, this was before Virginia got a nice road win at Michigan. My point is, I don't see how any of these teams have a better overall resume' than Purdue at the moment. If his bracket truly reflects what the field would look like if the tournament started today (which is his claim), then he has done Purdue a severe injustice by not having them as the number one overall. I realize it does not matter in the end, but it's just something that irked me. You can see his latest bracket here.

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