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Was This the Best Purdue Sports Weekend Ever?

Ryan and I discuss all the great things that happened this weekend.

Purdue v Indiana Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

I don’t think in my wildest dreams I expected Purdue to go 4-0 this weekend and add in a victory by Nebraska over the Hawkeyes plus Volleyball makes the NCAA Tournament and you’ve got a pretty perfect weekend for Purdue fans. Just pure entertainment from Thursday through Sunday. It was glorious.

We talk West Virginia. Gonzaga. Nebraska over Iowa. The Bucket game. Victory over Duke. Even just typing this out right now it’s shocking to see all the good things that happened to Purdue over the weekend. Relive the weekend with us as we go day by day to discuss the highs and even higher highs of Purdue’s phenomenal weekend. You’ll want to tune in just to hear about the Bluey play I attended because ultimately that’s why you’re all here isn’t it? Now it’s onward to the Big Ten Championship game and awaiting the AP Top 25 that should come out at Noon today.

Please ignore me butchering the name of the Phil Knight event roughly 100 times. Who cares, Purdue won!