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‘Twas the Night Before the Bucket Game

Thought I’d test out my poetry skills

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: DEC 21 Tennessee State at Purdue Photo by David Allio/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The day after Thanksgiving officially starts Christmas season for me, and the Boilermakers have a chance to deliver an early present to us fans. Here’s a little outlook to tomorrow’s Bucket Game in poem form:

‘Twas the night before the Bucket Game, when all through Boiler Nation,

Nobody could believe it, Big Red had broken expectations;

The Huskers came into Kinnick with only 3 wins on the year,

And proceeded to beat the Hawkeyes as Purdue fans cheered;

The Purdue players were nestled, getting ready for tomorrow,

As Kirk and Brian and even Herky felt intense sorrow;

For the Hawkeyes had blundered, giving Purdue the simple task,

Just beat the Hoosiers and let go of the past;

Could tomorrow be the day, the first time as Western champs?

The offense will need to strike and the defense put on the clamps;

For this is rivalry week and no opponent should be taken lightly,

Even one whose program record is just so unsightly;

Coach Brohm will have the Boilers ready to play the game,

He’ll throw a chair and yell and shout out their names;

“O’Connell and Durham and Charlie Jones too!

Show them what our precision passing game can do!”

“Graham and Douglas and Lawrence Johnson on D,

Help bring us to a Bucket Game victory!”;

The stage is set, the bucket’s packed, the weather won’t be too windy,

Beat the Hoosiers tomorrow and Purdue goes to Indy.