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Charlie Jones Named Semi-Finalist for Biletnikoff Award - And He Needs Your Help

Fan voting is an important factor in who wins this award.

Syndication: Journal-Courier Alex Martin/Journal and Courier / USA TODAY NETWORK

The Biletnikoff Award is given annually to the nations best receiver regardless of position. This in theory means that a running back or tight end could win it. As it stands though we will be rooting for a WR. Purdue standout, and Iowa transfer, Charlie Jones is one of 12 semi-finalists for the award and it’s certainly well deserved.

Heading into the final game of the regular season Jones stars are eye popping.
Receptions - 96

Yards - 1,056

TDs - 11

That is just quite the season and he’s still got one game to go. It’s scary to think what this offense would be like without the young man who Iowa couldn’t seem to figure out how to use.

Now is where you come in. The top three vote getters in the fan vote will each earn 1 official committee vote when determine the finalists. Right now Charlie Jones is outside the top 3. Jones sits at 5th place in the voting right now with only 3% of the vote. Third place by contrast has 10.89%. Jones has a lot of work to do to get himself up there. So we need Boilermakers to go out there and make their voices heard. You can vote using the link below or by following the embedded tweet.