Brohm the QB whisperer?

I've been thinking about the QB room and how well our coach is developing that room. I went back a few years and looked up QB recruits and also a couple that CJB inherited. We all remember Brohm's insistence to stay with Sindelar even though it was easy to see that David Blough was better at the position on Saturdays. He did the same thing again sticking with a floundering Jack Plummer instead of the gun slinger we now know as AOC. Below is what I could find and what they resulted in. Not much of a resume if you ask me.

Jared Sparks (2016) - Not CJB recruit, but Sparks moves to WR to play, then transfers to ULM in 2021.

Nick Sipe (2017) - Recruited by the Hat. Never saw the field as a QB if I remember correctly.

Griffin Alstott (2017) - Is he still a Boilermaker?

Jack Plummer (2018) - underachieved, then transferred to Cal, where he has not been great.

Paul Piferi (2019) - rarely saw the field as a QB, moved to TE to play.

Mike Alaimo (2020) - we will see. After entering the transfer portal, he didn't find a better deal, so he stayed. Will battle Allen next year for the job.

Austin Burton (2021) - Plays on occasion. Transferred from UCLA where he didn't see the field much, and when he did, it wasn't great.

Brady Allen (2022) - Inside path to starting job next year. Will battle Aliamo, next year for the job.

2023 - Rickie Collins (decommitted last month), Ryan Browne

I'm not an expert, just a fan. We brought CJB in because he was an offensive, and specifically, a QB genius. What do you think?

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